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the St. Nicholas Balalaika Orchestra


    "Your performance was a Keystone event in making our supreme convention the most successful in memory"

    -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    " . . . because of you and the ensemble "Fabulous Faberge (exhibit) was just that!"

    -- Cleveland, Ohio

    "Outstanding presentation!"

    -- Louisville, Kentucky

    "Wonderful addition to our Kiev Dinner which turned out to be a huge success . . . Thank You for bringing joy to our hearts"

    -- Erie, Pennsylvania

    "Too brief first half"

    -- Sandusky Reflector, Ohio

    "One of the evening's highlights"

    -- Lorain, Ohio

    "Students are still talking about it"

    -- Lake Local Schools, Ohio

    "Grateful and fortunate to have you on stage with us at E. J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall"

    -- University of Akron Dance Institute, Ohio

    "Those of us fortunate enough to see and hear the results of your hard work are all very lucky"

    -- Western Reserve Retirement Community, Ohio

    "Many audience members had never heard balalaika music before and offered so many positive comments"

    -- Friends of Lorain County Sacred Landmarks Initiative, Lorain, Ohio

    "Our gratitude for your beautiful performances on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of our Western Campus"

    -- Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio

      The St. Nicholas Balalaika Orchestra       
5507 Severn Circle NW      Canton, Ohio 44708